Jonathan has worked on a variety of IT projects, some of which are listed below.  He's always interested in working to solve complex and interesting problems utilizing existing technology solutions, as well as emerging solutions that bring value to his customers.  Project durations range from several weeks to several months.  Some of the larger projects have consisted of multiple phases, that have necessitated implementations that have last several years.

Enterprise Application Support

Working with a variety of business system owners, and functional analysts, Jonathan works to implement customer support structures that provide front door support to customers.  Jonathan has built support plans that outline organizational responsibilities (RACI), developed end user support documentation, and developed and implemented end user training programs.  In addition, Jonathan has used root cause analysis to identify systemic application issues and presented these findings to application owners for remediation.  Applications supported include:

  • PeopleSoft Financials

  • Cognos Business Intelligence

  • Sciquest

  • InfoEd (Proposal Development and Proposal Tracking)

  • Blackboard

  • MS Exchange

Application Development

Jonathan worked closely with other project members to build a course scheduling application that was accessible from the world wide web.  Based on a set of business requirements provided by the customer, the team first needed to identify the business goals and application objectives, and then design and code the application.  This application was delivered on time to the customer, while dealing with several scope changes without the benefit of any additional time added to the project timeline.  Technologies utilized included SQL Server and Java front and back-ends.

Electronic Medial Records (EMR)

Jonathan was contacted by a psychiatrist in downtown Chicago looking to move his paper based practice into an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application.  Jonathan worked with the doctor to identify business requirements, and then developed a list of possible application that would suit the identified requirements.  This list included applications with different cost structures including at least one open source (free) solution.

General Technical Support

Jonathan provides general technical support to a host of clients in Chicago and the northern suburbs.  This support can be provided on an hourly or project basis, depending on the duration of the project and the depth of involvement.  General support has included email client support (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail), email switchover's from legacy email systems to web based email system like Google Apps for Business. Support for peripheral devices (printers, cameras, etc..)

Current projects include:

  • Total Machine Replacement for a small marketing firm (identify business use cases, identify cost effective replacement solutions, machine data migrations, testing and verification)

Website Design

SociAbility is a specialized family private practice. They offer specialized treatments for clients who struggle to socialize or interact comfortably with others for a variety of reasons. Eve Thornton (Sociability’s founder) contacted Jonathan after doing some research online looking to identify other practitioners that were operating in the same industry vertical. She was looking to expand her brand and update her current web presence. Jonathan organized her existing site content, re-imagined the information architecture and then redesigned her existing site from the ground up. The site design and content were completed in summer of 2018. Regular updates to the site are made based on seasonal course offerings and new content created by the staff, via blogs and other postings.

SociAbility Chicago

Anne Oscherwitz is an adult psychiatrist working in the downtown Chicago. She works mainly in psychodynamic and supportive psychotherapy often in conjunction with medication. Anne was looking to increase her web presence so Jonathan was initially contacted to help build a new website from scratch. The site design and content were completed in spring of 2018.

Anne C. Oscherwitz, MD

April Carbone is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in neuropsychological assessment, intervention, and consultation. Jonathan was initially contracted to help with a website redesign for her business.  April wanted a site design that felt kid friendly, since that’s her primary client base. The site color and photos help to show a whimsical side to the business that a kid might enjoy. Jonathan also designed the book and letter logo. The site design and content were completed in early 2015 and the client continues to update the content of the site herself.

April Carbone, Ph.D. & Associates (Carbone Learning Services)

Against the Grain Custom Carpentry is a small business in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Jonathan was initially contacted to help with a website redesign for the business.  Busy people, Jamie and Scott had attempted to build the site using WordPress and had figured out that to get a reasonably functional site, it's a pretty time consuming process.  The site design and content were completed in early 2015, the color scheme was provided by the client as they had already worked with a designed to get a palette together.  The site is now live with a full eCommerce section, so that Scott's custom work can be sold online.

Against the Grain

Marcia Slomowitz is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who lives and works in Chicago.  A long time client, she expressed interest in building her brand through an enhanced web presence.  Her site design, color scheme and content we completed in 2014, and the site is now live.

Marcia Slomowitz, MD

Allen Rubens is an author who lives in Chicago.   In 2013, he released two books (Beyond 101 and Stalk).  After meeting with him to assess his digital footprint, we created his author website, and then created Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  As reader reviews and other content have become available, a steady stream of information has been disseminated to his fans.

Allen Rubens - Author

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